New York City

Let’s take a trip… down memory lane.  Our family’s favorite memories come from our travels.  Here are just a few.

My daughter and I travelled to New York this summer. It was absolutely an amazing, humbling experience – one I would recommend wholeheartedly.
There is no way I could live there – too many people. But, Elizabeth found her niche. These people of New York appeal to her sense of style and value.

Attie (the Mom): I can't pick just one favorite. I loved the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, Broadway, Time Square, NBC studios, the Empire State Building, and many, many more!

Elizabeth (the Big Sister): My favorite part of the trip was the Broadway shows. We saw Anastasia and Dear Evan Hanson.


Angel Fire, New Mexico

Let’s take a trip… down memory lane.  Our family’s favorite memories come from our travels.  Here are just a few.

blizzardSnow!  We stayed in the condos at Angel Fire Ski Resort in New Mexico. We like staying in the condos, because it is just a walk up to the ski lifts. But, we also had our own kitchen, etc. We experienced two blizzards there – snow above the roof one year.  It was cool… or, rather, really cold!


Clark (the dad): I like the small crowds, and it is very family

Attie (the mom): I love to eat at the cafe on top of the mountain.  I really love drinking a hot chocolate (with peppermint schnapps) at the cafe at the base of the mountain after a long, cold day of skiing. (Usually, one of my favorite memories is running.  Not here.  It is too cold for this Texas girl.)

ski liftElizabeth (the big sister): I liked going up on lifts alone [yes, very family friendly]. I also liked tubing on the polar coaster.

David (the little brother): I liked skiing all the way down from the back side of mountain. I also liked going to the ice cream store when it was -16 degrees outside!ice creamdegrees


Camping at Palmetto State Park

Let’s take a trip… down memory lane.  Our family’s favorite memories come from our travels.  Here are just a few.

Last summer, we stayed for a long weekend at Palmetto State Park in Texas and loved it! The campsites were very large, scenic, and clean. The campers there (as in many Texas campsites) were friendly.


Clark (the dad): I like walking around and Pokemon hunting.  We held that one gym out in the middle of the park for months.  I also had a lot of fun fishing.  I didn’t catch anything, but it was still fun.


Attie (the mom): I enjoyed kayaking on the lake, watching all the kids playing together, and running the many trails.  It was a really big park.



Elizabeth (the big sister): I liked the diving competitions we had off of the dock.





David (the little brother): Ooh! I loved that place.  We should go back there again.  I liked tying up the kayaks on the dock in the middle of the lake and jumping off the dock.

A Disney Cruise to Remember

Let’s take a trip… down memory lane.  Our family’s favorite memories come from our travels.  Here are just a few.

Our first Disney Cruise… not many people get this opportunity.  But, if you can, it is worth it.  Best. Cruise. Ever. This particular cruise was to the Caribbean.

stingraysClark (the dad): Feeding and swimming with the stingrays: on Castaway Cay (Disney’s Private Island), we had the chance to play in the pool with the stingrays, making sure to watch our step!



Attie (the mom): Running a 5K on Castaway Cay: They have a big ol’ race now.  But, that
5K, it was just 10 of us.  We got off the boat early and ran with one of the staff members. We saw parts of the island no one else got to see, and we explored  long before others were allowed to debark. I received a certificate and a water bottle for running it.



Elizabeth (the big sister): Swimming with the dolphins: On our excursion to Tortola, a British Virgin Island, we swam and played with the dolphins.



David (the little brother): the Pirate Party… Argh!: We dressed up like pirates for dinner then went to a big party on the deck afterwards.


Benefits of that Vacation

Travel is the best gift you can ever give someone.  The experiences we have outside of our own little corner of the world serve to grow and strengthen us as fellow human beings. For me, I can also get away from the routine.  I come back refreshed and ready to take on anything (as well as exhausted, because I want to do as much as I can when visiting destinations).

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U.S. States visited so far

Our family started the tradition about 6 years ago that instead of presents for holidays, we would go on a vacation.  Our kids were on board with that plan – believe it or not.  We are be no means world travelers – simply because our family of four budget doesn’t allow for it.  But, we have been to many states and a few countries surrounding the U.S. as well.  Our family vacations are experiences our children will never forget – their minds soak in so many new sites, histories, and cultures.  We are truly blessed to be able to have these adventures as a family.

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Countries visited so far

So, even though the Dalai Lama really did not suggest it, I believe we should all live it. “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before,” – whether it is 30 minutes from home or 3,000 miles away.

I will be sharing a few of our journeys in future posts. Please, comment if you would like to suggest a place for us to visit!