My Male Cheerleader

My son has decided to be one of those trailblazers… and it is going to give me heart palpitations any minute.  My SHY, QUIET, rather be at home on his laptop playing an online game son has signed up for cheer… in 7th grade… in middle school.

The last time I checked, kids are mean in middle school.  Some are stupid, mean, low self-esteem kids that already like to say mean things to my son, because he is short… or because he is not athletic… or because he is not strong… or because he is in their way… or because someone dared them to… or because he is different than them… or because the sky is blue… and now he is going outside of typical male behavior even further. He is going to be a cheerleader – the only male on the team.

Don’t get me wrong.  Male cheerleaders are some of my favorite people!  That isn’t the part that worries me.  It is those mean kids that will try to take him down a notch, because he isn’t fitting into their preconceived notions their parents have put in their heads. (We live in Texas – which means he should be on the football or baseball field – which he will be – just with a megaphone.)

It is not like he can’t defend himself.  He is in karate, too.  But, last year, when he did defend himself, he still got punished by the school for punching the kid (which I get).  But, David did NOT like being in “ISS” (In School Suspension) with the “bad” kids all day.  He is a good kid, and he couldn’t believe other kids would be so disrespectful to adults.

With all of that said, I am SOOOOOO proud of my son for stepping up and being who he wants to be.  But, could you please say a prayer for him? The reality of his choice set in this morning before I dropped him off at Cheer Camp, and he was super nervous.  Not only will he have to interact with other people, he will have to smile and cheer others on.  He will have to stunt – using those muscles that haven’t seen the light of day since May.

He will be an awesome cheerleader; and, I will continue to be his worried mommy, always in his corner, supporting whatever he choses to do.