Accepting the Social Limitations of an Introvert

carToday, this Introvert went to a car dealership all by myself… I know, right?! That’s like sending the lamb into the lion’s den… covered in raw meat.  I did not enjoy the experience at all despite the fact that the salesman was very nice and had an awesome Jamaican accent.

Don’t get me wrong.  If my extroverted husband had been with me, it would have been fabulous.  I could have listened to the man talk all day.  But, I was the center of attention, and he kept trying to get personal information out of me – you know, because he wanted me to buy a car.  Newsflash, people! Introverts can’t handle giving up personal information to strangers. It’s none of your business, so back off (please)! I will not let you see inside me.

What’s worse – he was trying to appeal to my emotions to make his sale.  I wanted to shout at him, “Dude! I am a shallow, emotionless creature that only finds comfort and solace in logic, creation, and reading about others’ emotions. Stop it!”  But, I didn’t. That would be rude. Spending large amounts of money on objects should NOT be an emotional decision. And again, I will not let you see inside me.

I said, “Just give me the facts.  Spinning tall tales and making small talk won’t help with me.  You are just going to make me shut down even more. Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, because I see your deception.  You are full of BS, and it is exhausting.”  No.  Not really.  That would be rude.  So, this Introvert high-tailed it out of the lion’s den and went home to write about the experience from the safety of her home.

I will have to return there again.  But, I will never go back without my extroverted better half in tow as my shield.  He likes to play the game I am not capable of or willing to play. I know my limitations and accept them as my truth.  introvert



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