Camping at Palmetto State Park

Let’s take a trip… down memory lane.  Our family’s favorite memories come from our travels.  Here are just a few.

Last summer, we stayed for a long weekend at Palmetto State Park in Texas and loved it! The campsites were very large, scenic, and clean. The campers there (as in many Texas campsites) were friendly.


Clark (the dad): I like walking around and Pokemon hunting.  We held that one gym out in the middle of the park for months.  I also had a lot of fun fishing.  I didn’t catch anything, but it was still fun.


Attie (the mom): I enjoyed kayaking on the lake, watching all the kids playing together, and running the many trails.  It was a really big park.



Elizabeth (the big sister): I liked the diving competitions we had off of the dock.





David (the little brother): Ooh! I loved that place.  We should go back there again.  I liked tying up the kayaks on the dock in the middle of the lake and jumping off the dock.

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