Run, Attie, Run

I did it! I ran one mile today and did NOT die!  That is so encouraging, and I am hopeful that I won’t be too sore tomorrow, so I can do it again.

The first 1/2 of the mile was difficult.  My body was not in rhythm with my breathing.  Everything was awkward. But, by the half way mark, my body and mind found their pace and I actually enjoyed my run (albeit for 12 minutes).  I add that check to the win column!

Bonus… after I got home, my 11 year old son, David, wanted to go for our 4 mile bike ride I had promised him.  So, after a lot of water and protein, we headed out in the 99 degree heat and met our goal! It was awesome.

If we had only added a little pool time, I could have called today a triathlon.  Maybe tomorrow.

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