Running – or Something that May Resemble It

I’ve been struggling recently with weight loss… simply because I really don’t want to do it anymore.  I mean, I want the weight to be gone.  I just don’t want to control and restrict myself anymore.  I’ve hit that point – that mental block.  But, continue I must. So, I went looking through weight loss blogs for inspiration. I happened across Starting Again by Lazy Hairy Bear.  He described what it felt like to be running again after a long while off – when you aren’t sure if your body will agree to do the work anymore. It awoke something from my past – that feeling I used to get when running… or better yet, that sense of accomplishment after the run.

So, I’m inspired.  I’m not sure my body will agree to it, but I’m going to run today… at least one mile. It will be a good distraction from the focus on healthy eating.  Of course, there are all of those health benefits, too.  Thanks, LHB!

The high should be 97 degrees today, and I would prefer not to have a heat stroke on top of being out of shape.  Maybe I will celebrate success with a trip to the pool? – or maybe a pizza – I’m not sure yet.

Anyone want to take bets whether or not I survive?! It’s a crap shoot.

One thought on “Running – or Something that May Resemble It

  1. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur says:

    I’ve just started trying to run regularly too, and let me tell you – pollen does not make it any easier, especially when I’m wheezing like a whale on land and my tomato face game is strong. Best of luck to you with your running, guurl we can do this x

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