Can You Make Change?

Most people do not like change.  Our routines make us feel safe.  I am one of those people. My family dynamics are static.  I can eat the same thing for lunch a month in a row. I keep most items in particular places so I always know where they are.  Plain.  Simple. Safe. Sane.


However, I need new things in my life all of the time.  I create changes often, and that makes me happy (as long as I’m in control of the changes being made). For example, think about women’s hairstyles.  I know quite a few women who have had the same hair style and hair color for as long as I’ve known them.  Every day… they fix their hair the exact same way.  Other women have the same cut and color but style it differently day to day.  I am neither of those women. My hair cut, color, and style change with my mood.  If I am feeling a deep down need for change, it is often expressed on top of my head.

Sometimes, I rearrange furniture to satisfy that need for change.  Sometimes, I create new projects.  Sometimes, I meticulously clean.  Sometimes, I distress and destroy.  I vacation in a different place every year.  No matter how I do it, I need to create change in my life.

So, I blog different subjects.  Because, I need that change of scenery on my screen.  That is just how my inquisitive mind works – rarely resting on the same topic twice.  Besides, isn’t change the spice of life?

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