It took many years and many mistakes to learn “happy”.  I was putting on a show and doing what I was told.  Until, one day, the good ol’ death card popped up on the doctor’s tarot card table, and I was reborn.  Understand, I didn’t want to change – I resisted it as long as I could.  But, in the end, I wanted to live life to its fullest.  So, I began searching for a new path.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not living the vida loca with no worries.  I’ve just learned to appreciate what I have – in the moments that they happen.

I’m still (and always) learning to be happy – with lots of struggle and raised voices along the way.  But, it sure beats the heck out of hiding and denial. I finally get it – what all those happy people are talking about.  I just had to start searching for my own happy path.

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